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yellow portrait


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Yellow Portrait 8+ the portrait for large groups

Give a portrait with lots of characters made by a real artist.

The delivery of the Yellow Portrait takes place 6 or 7 days after purchase and arrives by mail.

This is a Digital Portrait , made with the highest quality compatible with any latest generation device.

The ideal gift to celebrate a company party or if you want to represent a very large family.

How to Order Yellow Portrait 8+:

  1. Select the number of people / animals to include (animals and cars count as people)
  2. Select if you want a half-length or full-body portrait
  3. Select the background type:
  4. Add notes for our artist (describe details, pose, hair, beard, expressions, clothing, background etc. .)
  5. Upload 1 to 4 photos to best capture your features. Surely you will have to send us the other photos by email after purchase (zip file if possible).
  6. Select the Print if Digital or on physical product and make the payment in a secure way. Within 4 or 5 days, you will receive the Simpson Style Drawing you requested by email. You have access to 3 reviews before concluding the project.

 yellow portrait painting on canvas

Dimensions of the Yellow Portrait: 4800x3600 pixels 300 dpi